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How to use stone carving tools?

Stone carving tools help improve the carving and can be done according to your taste and preference. There are two distinct classifications of carving tools such as

Percussion Tools
● Hammers
● Chisels


The different countries tend to use different types of hammers. The metal hammers are made up of untempered iron and soft whole American granite is made up of tempered steel which cuts out quite sharply. These characteristics differ depending on the hardness and type of the stone you are working upon.

Stone Carving Tools


These are the oldest Stone Carving Chisels that take off 90% of the stone when carving the marble. The stone carving involves peeling one layer after the other with the pointed chisel and then requires moving on to the other chisels so that they can work with proper care.

The flat chisel is used after the pointed one to smooth the surface as they are available in different widths and round-headed chisels. The carving tools are thinner on the side and have a particular type of flat chisel that is used for carving channels into the stone. The percussion carving is focused on using the hammers and chisel but smooth abrasive stone tools are required.