In Malaysia, online gambling is technically illegal. While it is clear that hosting an internet gambling operation is unlawful, Laws for Online Gambling – it is uncertain whether patronizing a gambling site is also prohibit. The laws on the books date back decades, and none of them specifically mention placing bets online.

Online Gambling Malaysia – Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. Therefore, almost all online and offline forms of gambling are prohibit. In Malaysia, gaming laws are characterize by three major frameworks. The Betting Act is the most well-known of these.

  1. Betting Act

Laws for Online Gambling – The Betting Act outlaws all forms of gambling. The act also covers telecommunications and other means of transmitting bets between customers and betting houses.

In piece legislation written that long ago, the language in the act covers just about every possible loophole. There is no simple way around it, even today.

  1. Common Gaming Houses Act

While the betting act primarily focused on sports betting and bookmaking, the common gaming houses act encompasses almost all other types of gambling. The act prohibits operating a gaming house and even being grabbing inside one.

  1. Sharia Law

The Malaysian Constitution requires that all Malays, who make up most of the country’s population, follow Islam.

Sharia law does not apply to non-Malaysia’s (mostly ethnic Chinese, Indians, and others), but it does to the rest of the nation. This is significant because Sharia (or Syariah) courts are identifies in Malaysia.

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